Thursday, 3 November 2016

Magic Sing ET-23KH Digital Song Packs

Now you can grow your song library with our new MP3+G Karaoke Digital Song Packs, hundreds of top songs in many different genre's all pre-loaded and ready to play on a USB memory stick.

Just plug in the front of your ET-23KH Magic Sing and start singing away!
The highest professionally recorded songs complete with backing vocals in the chorus line.
Choose from many amazing packs like
Aussie Songs, Country Songs, Duets, Party Time Songs - 5 Volumes, Love Songs, Taylor Swift Songs, 60's & 70's Songs, 80's Songs, 90's Songs, Classic Hits from the 1930's / 40's & 50's, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Abba, Girls Songs, Guys Songs, Classic Soul Songs, Piano Singalong Songs, Rock N Roll Songs, Show Tunes Songs, Kids Songs, Crooners Songs, Rockers Songs, Christmas Songs and others.

only available from Karaoke Home Entertainment
Melbourne and Perth stores.