Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Multiplex Karaoke Songs (MPX) Vocal Series

Sometimes people just want to sing-along with the singer, sometimes to learn the song before they attempt to go it alone.
Sometimes its the helping hand to get them up to sing in the first place.
That's why people love Multiplex aka MPX Karaoke Songs, so they can sing-along..
Did you know we have over 30,000 Multiplex Vocal songs available
in both MP3+G and MP4 Karaoke formats.
So on the new Miicstar MS-62 Karaoke System you can use either format, MP4 is recommend for people using HDTV's over 32" for a crisper picture.
Then you can select using the remote control to switch on or off the cover vocalist.
Get your MPX songs at www.karaokemp3g.com.au or www.karaokemp4.com.au both on the www.picknmix.com.au karaoke download platform.

If using a Magic Sing ET-23KH Karaoke System you need to choose the MP3+G karaoke format but please note you cannot switch off the cover vocals, they are always on, this is a playback limitation of the system.

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